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Vera Bradley Padded Clutch
Turquoise blue padded clutch $7.99
Summer Halter Dress
One of several summer halters.. perfect to say goodbye to warm weather and with a shawl or sweater can go into fall, several sizes left - different patterns - long and short $10
Green Leather Bag
Is green your favorite? Leather Bag with long straps/handles $7.99
Pink leather handbag
Cute, cute, cute.. lovely color to move from summer to fall $7.99
Denim Handbag
Cute denim handbag.. check out that belt buckle closure $7.99

Limited Edition Norman Rockwell Plate
A limited edition Norman Rockwell plate, "Dreaming in the Attic," with certificate of authenticity, only $5

Wood desk. $39.98

Wood desk. $59.98

Narrow base cabinet. $29.98
Play table
Imaginarium Play table with storage drawer; 3 bags of cars, buildings, and tracks. $50

Upper cabinet. $17.98
Vintage map collection
Vintage map collection; 7 maps including US, World, France; All for $15
Fall / Halloween items
Fall / Halloween items; time to redecorate! Individually priced.
Wicker table
White wicker table, 2 tier with glass top. $40

Vanity unit
Vanity unit with cabinet and sink. $34.98