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Mickey mouse purse
Mickey mouse purse, $10

Girls Nike shoes
Girls Nike shoes, $5

Dresser, $30

Queen mattress sets
Queen mattress sets, $55

Necklace set's
Necklace set's, $15

Flow Blue Seabirds collectable plate. Manufactured between 1880 and 1920. Priced on eBay between twenty-nine and ninety-three dollars. At Gracie's Thrift Store only $21

Measuring set
Measuring set, $5

Salt & pepper shakers
Salt $ pepper shakers, $5

Multi function walking stick
Multi function walking stick, $10

Dog house
Dog house, $40

Coffee pot set,
Coffee pot set, $8

Purse, $5

Saints NFL purse
Saints NFL purse, $10

Women's shoes
Women's shoes, $5

Women's shoes
Women's shoes, $5