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Hanging Light
3-bulb hanging light. Brown finish, glass dome. Several available. $20
Ladderback chair
Ladderback chair with rush seat, decorative painting. $25.00
Jewelry box
Jewelry box with 6 drawers and 3 compartments. $15.50
Corner shelf
Hanging corner shelf with mirror, ornate scroll work. $18.50
Postcards of Manheim book
Postcards of Manheim book, edited by the Manheim Historical Society, Lancaster County. $65
Manheim "A Green Country Town" book
Manheim "A Green Country Town" book by Loy Cuyler Awkerman, 1976, Lancaster County. $65
1938 Rapho Twp. poll book
1938 Rapho Twp. poll book, Sporting Hill, Lancaster County. $8.50
The Poisoned Paradise book 1st Ed.
The Poisoned Paradise 1st Ed. Hardcover book by Robert W. Service $30.00
Harmonica set
Harmonica set of 7 by Chicago Blues, notes A-G. $18.50

Kids doll
Kids doll, $2

Wrought iron picture
Wrought iron picture, $3

Kids wagon
Kids wagon, $6

Kids light up activity book
Kids light up a activity book $5

Talking robot
Talking robot, $5

Pictures, $5