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Jim Shore Collectables
Four Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Christmas Carolers collectable figures from 2006. Selling individually on Ebay for a total of eighty-four dollars, this set of 4 at Gracie's for only $42

Wine cabinet
Wine cabinet. Holds 17 bottles. Approximate dimensions: 18" wide, 42" tall, 12" deep. $50

Acorn Superglide 120. 8' main rail plus 4' rail. $400

John Deere Hanging Light
John Deere hanging light. 100W maximum. Bottom diameter 7". $20

Mantle Clock
Howard Miller Presidential collection mantle clock. Model 613559. No key. Chiming mechanism works. $350
Brown Falor handbag $58.00

Solid paneled interior door, 30" x 84". $59.98

Solid paneled interior door, 30" x 80". $49.98

Steel entrance door, 30" x 80". $49.98

Steel entrance door, 32" x 79". $79.98

Power saw. $24.98

Vanity Top
Vanity top sink. We have 2 vanity top sinks that are exactly $79.99

18 piece cabinet set. $898.98

Base cabinet. $79.98

Sewing Machine
Kenmore electronic sewing machine with sewing table. $29.99