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Porcelain dolls
Porcelain dolls, $15

Decorative crown
Decorative crown, $5

Native American wedding vase
Native American wedding vase, $8

Dress set
Dress set, $10

Sweater vest
Sweater vest, $5

Ceramic picture
Ceramic Picture, $5

Kids Nike shirt
Kids Nike Shirt, $3

Cat pillow cases
Cat pillow cases, $3

Ceramic vase
Ceramic vase, $8

Stone marble cat
Stone marble cat, $8

Air Conditioners
Window air conditioner units. Various brands. 5000 - 7000 BTU. Most $60

Lawn & Garden Items
Assorted lawn and garden items. Sprinklers, hose fittings, mower parts, grill accessories, etc. Prices vary.
Handcrafted pottery
Handmade pottery, individually priced, mugs (9.00), low dish (12), colander (12). All 4 pieces for $42
Cast iron and glass end table
Quality cast iron and glass end table. $38.50
Pfaltzgraff Napoli pattern dishes
Pfaltzgraff Napoli pattern dishes, plates, soup mugs, dessert cups, serving pieces. Individually priced.